Cris Cyborg Crushes Doughnut Game at Dunkin' Donuts

It looks like former UFC star Cris Cyborg is enjoying her new career. Cyborg recently posted a photo of her in a Dunkin Donuts uniform letting everyone know she was serving doughnuts and coffee. And while some might think it’s a publicity stunt, that might not be the case as one fan came to the Dunkin' Donuts where Cyborg works in Tustin, California and he posted a photo of her in the uniform as well as the chocolate glazed doughnuts she made for the customers.

Cyborg seems to be doing some good things at Dunkin' Donuts. And while she’s doing a good thing for the community, many fans are wondering when will she return to MMA action. She recently spoke to Global Esporte regarding the future of her career, translated according to Bloody Elbow.

"I’m happy to begin a new project," she said per the translation. "I’ve been through various cycles that have a beginning, a middle and an end. There was Invicta, the UFC and now I begin a new cycle. In less than 30 days, I’ll sign my new contract and then I’ll tell where my new home is. It’s a secret, but we’re almost there."

Earlier this month, Cyborg was released from her UFC contract and league president Dana White is happy with the decision.

"Dealing with her has been a nightmare the entire time she’s been here," White said, according to MMA Junkie. "It’s been a bad experience dealing with Cyborg since Day 1. We brought in her after she tested positive for steroids and we made her a clean athlete with the best drug testing policy in all of sports the entire time she was here. When she talks about her legacy and her brand, her legacy, and her brand, nothing’s better than knowing she’s a clean athlete after testing positive for steroids and all the negativity that surrounded her about being a dirty athlete. We bring her in here, we do all this stuff and she was just never happy.


"Never happy, complaining about everything. She was a nightmare to deal with, and at the end of the day she knows, I know, Amanda Nunes knows, I tried to make that Nunes fight [happen]. She doesn’t want it. She doesn’t want it. She gets mad when I say I don’t blame her. I don’t blame her! If that was Amanda Nunes last Saturday, I think everyone can agree what would’ve happened in that fight. She’s unhappy, we’re unhappy, she lies and does that thing [the video]. See ya later. Have a nice life."

Born, Cristiane Justino Venâncio, Cyborg has posted a 21-2 record in MMA action. She won the UFC Women’s Featherweight Championship in 2017 and lost it to Amanda Nunes back in December 2018.