Colin Kaepernick's Girlfriend Says NFL and Jay-Z Lied About Alleged Phone Call

Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend had to set the record straight when it comes to the former NFL quarterback talking to NFL and Jay-Z. On Wednesday, the NFL announced they have partnered up with Jay-Z’s Roc-Nation and it was reported that the hip-hop star talked to Kaepernick before the deal was done. However, Kaepernick’s girlfriend, Nessa Diab, went to Twitter to say it’s a “lie” and “Colin NEVER spoke to Jay-Z and the NFL ahead of that deal being done.”

When the partnership was announced, Jay-Z and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell took questions from the media at the Roc-Nation offices in New York. That is when Jay-Z said he talked to Kaepernick about the deal as he’s been supportive of him kneeling during the national anthem.

“I think that we forget that Colin’s whole thing was to bring attention to social injustice, correct?” Jay said during the conference. “So in that case, this is a success; this is the next thing. ‘Cause there’s two parts of protesting. You go outside and you protest, and then the company or the individual says, ‘I hear you. What do we do next?’ So for me it was like, action, actionable item, what are we going to do with it? Everyone heard and we hear what you’re saying, and everybody knows I agree with what you’re saying. So what are we going to do? So we should, millions of millions of people, and all we get stuck on [is] Colin not having a job.”

Goodell said Kaepernick is not being “blackballed” by the league and he can sign with any NFL team that wants him. He also said the partnership will help raise awareness to social justice, which is the one thing Kaepernick has been fighting for.


"We talked about a variety of issues," Goodell said on Wednesday. "I think when we first met, we talked about entertainment and how we do that, but the number one thing we went to was impact. We can have an impact together. We can do some really positive things in our community."

Just hours after the announcement, Kaepernick posted a video on Twitter to commemorate “the three year anniversary of the first time I protested systemic oppression.” “I continue to work and stand with the people in our fight for liberation, despite those who are trying to erase the movement!,” he wrote. “The movement has always lived with the people!”