Jerry Seinfeld's Nike Shoes Made From Actual New York Mets Jerseys

Comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld has been known more for his love of cars than he has fashion, but he changed that conversation in early July. The host of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee threw out the ceremonial first pitch before a Mets and Phillies matchup back on July 5, and he did so in the standard Mets shirts and some very fancy looking sneakers.

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Streak Sneaks rolling.

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As it turns out, these shoes were far more special than they already appeared, which is saying quite a bit. Seinfeld posted a photo on Instagram on Wednesday that showed the inside of the custom-made shoes. According to the inside tag, the shoes were actually built by Nike using Mets jerseys. That's some impressive recycling.

The post was rather timely considering that the Mets are on a six-game winning streak that has included victories over the Miami Marlins and the Pittsburgh Pirates. As he explained in a separate post, Seinfeld wore special shoes for the 2015 run, and he is hoping that the victory streak continues once again.

He will continue to wear his custom-made Nike Shox as long as the Mets keep winning. With a three-game series against the Washington Nationals starting on Friday, it's critical that Seinfeld upholds this tradition. Critics can call the act superstitious, but it's hard to argue with results.

Originally born in Queens, Seinfeld has been a fan of the Mets since he was a child. While other stars from New York have fallen for the Yankees, the longtime comedian instead focused on the "little brother" of the city, dating back to the first time he attended a game at the now-defunct Shea Stadium.

"I fell in love with them instantly," Seinfeld said in a 2014 interview with ESPN. "I never liked the American League. The Yankees weren’t my kind of team. I loved the Mets, the players they had and the way they played. I still love them."


Like the Mets, Seinfeld also has adored Nike for a very long time. He donned white sneakers throughout the run of his titular show, and he has continued to rock Nike shoes ever since. Specifically, Seinfeld has been associated with the Turbo Shox line of shoes that have been appeared in multiple episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. According to PEOPLE, he has a massive assortment of rainbow-colored shoes that can be paired with any pair of jeans and a suit jacket.

While Seinfeld may have brighter shoes in his collection, his custom-made Mets kicks are undoubtedly the most unique. Some fans donate old jerseys to Goodwill or even burn them if the situation dictates, but Seinfeld wears old jerseys on his feet.