What To Do If You Want Sex Way More Often Than Your Partner

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Even if you tout that you and your guy can read each other's minds or finish each other's sentences, we're calling your bluff. You can't agree on literally everything, and if the amount of sex you want isn't syncing up, this can lead to some major relationship issues.

Though you're on your own when it comes to deciding between The Queen and OA, Women's Health asked experts to explain why syncing up your sex life can be tough and how to fix that.

The problem: You want sex more often

Men greatly underestimate their partners' sex drives, found a recent study from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. It also showed that if men thought their partners weren't up for doing it, they wouldn't attempt to initiate. Shocker: Women do want sex! But we're typically not as free with sexual expression, so men don't pick up on our cues.

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HOW TO SYNC UP: You've gotta tell your guy directly you want to get busy. Feel awkward? Bring it up in a setting that makes sense—say, while watching a romantic movie. "The language we use to talk about sex can be sexy in itself," says Ian Kerner, Ph.D., a psychotherapist and sexuality counselor in New York City, so phrase it like a fantasy. ("I love morning sex with you. It would be so hot if we could do more of that.") If it's still not happening, make an emotional case, says Megan Fleming, Ph.D., a New York City sex and relationships expert. Explain what it means to you (e.g., you feel closer to him) so he knows it's important to you and your bond.


But what if your partner is the one who is craving the lovemaking? Check out the original story on Women's Health to learn how to handle it.


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