Survey Reveals Strange Things Couples Say to Each Other During Sex

When it comes to sex, there are a lot of preconceived notions men have about women that are highly incorrect, which men could realize they were wrong about had they just asked actual woman what their thoughts and opinions were. Forktips recently did such a thing, conducting a survey with 5,000 men and women to check in on the state of relationships in 2017.

The rituals of mating are far different in 2017 than they were in decades past, what with the introduction of apps like Tinder and Grindr making it easier than ever to find someone to connect with. The survey revealed many interesting statistics, which gave insight into both the male and female brain when it came to sex.

Men have a reputation for bragging about their amount of sexual achievements, and according to the survey, 50.3% of men claim they lie about the number of partners they've had, while 79.2% of women said they lie about the number of ex's they have. The most popular lie, earning 59.7% of the reasons, was to cut the number of partners they've had in half.

Speaking of deception, 30% of women admitted to having cheated on their current partner, while 40% of men admitted to the same act, which are pretty similar numbers. The survey itself didn't reveal the location of its participants, as stigmas about infidelity vary from country to country.

One of the more interesting survey questions asked women what they like to talk about during sex, many of which replied that they enjoy hearing sexy status updates from their partner about how they're enjoying everything and, somewhat surprisingly, enjoy calling their male partner "daddy."

Head on over to Forktips for the full results of their survey, which is full of lots of interesting responses., including ways you might be able to tell if a partner is cheating, if the flame of passion might be dying out in your relationship, and how many people would replace their partner with a sex robot, given the opportunity.

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