Can You Guess the Food Most People Want After Sex?

If you find yourself in the casual dating scene, the most important question you can ask someone—besides, you know, "Do you have a condom?"—is, "What are we eating after?"

If you're the shy type who doesn't want to speak up or make decisions for a partner, we can help: they probably want pizza.

According to a recent Yelp survey, this cheesy goodness is the number one food of choice after a one-night stand, with 75 percent ranking it as their top post-coitus meal. Pasta and tacos hit the list as a distant second and third choice.

The survey of 2,000 single American millennials on their summer dating habits also reveals that 30 percent think the best activity for spending time with a 'special friend' indoors is—surprising to no one—Netflix and chill. Don't they realize it's summer and you can actually go out and do stuff?

The survey also found that 35 percent of those engaged in casual summer dating would rather order take-out with their one-night love during a hang out/make-out session.


But if you're interested in a second date with your fling partner, take it one step further than ordering delivery. When it gets there, chew with your mouth closed! The survey found that the top eating habit that causes people to turn down another date is chewing loudly or with their mouth open. Interestingly, though, only one in five surveyed have turned down a date just because their eating habits are a turn-off.

But seriously, chew with your mouth closed anyway. Please.