7 Days of Sex? You Can Do It

We are all constantly on the lookout for quick fixes to our marital difficulties, but it is time to acknowledge that there is no such thing! Marriage takes work, but some chores can be a little more...stimulating than others! If you are tired of the arguments over the kids, the bills and everything in between, then maybe it's time you and your partner take the 7 Days of Sex Challenge! Not only will it spice up your love life, but experts claim that it will also add a whole new level of intimacy to your relationship.

couple in bed sex

The point of the 7 Days of Sex Challenge is fairly straightforward: It gives you the opportunity to take your intimate relationship with your spouse to the next level in the hopes that it will mend your relationship both physically and mentally. The challenge encourages you both to communicate openly with each other as you plan out the "when" and "where" of your daily rendezvous. It also prompts you and your spouse to break out of your stuffy old routine and reignite the passion in your marriage through new positions in bed!

Ready to learn more? Here's a general outline for each of the seven days: (via ONE Extraordinary Marriage)

  • Day 1: Here we go! At this point, you are probably so relieved that your hubby agreed. Take advantage of that excitement and have some fun!
  • Day 2: Change it up. Hit up the Kama Sutra and pick out a position you've never tried before!
  • Day 3: Celebrate the quickie. Let's face it: You are both probably pretty worn out from yesterday. Make today about passion and intensity!
  • Day 4: Hump Day. You're halfway there! Believe it or not, four times is around the monthly average for most couples.
  • Day 5: I'm liking this. We bet you are. By now, your walls should be down and you and your hubby should be experiencing some pretty high levels of intimacy and appreciation for each other.
  • Day 6: Prayer. Whatever your spiritual preferences are, it may be time to let them influence your time in the bedroom. Slow things down and concentrate on connecting with something greater.
  • Day 7: We did it! Take some time to reflect on what you both have accomplished. Hopefully by now you are feeling a whole lot of affection rather than frustration!

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We know that embracing this challenge may seem a little out of your comfort zone, but making that extra time each day to work on your relationship will really help to develop a higher degree of intimacy and appreciation between you and your partner! Sex is a vital part of any marriage because it helps us to create deeper and more satisfying bonds with our significant other. Pouring money into couples therapy or self-help books may be beneficial in the long run, but why not give this quick challenge a go? Chances are, you will both thoroughly enjoy the time to yourselves!