Kendra Wilkinson Has Sexy Marriage Advice That 'Makes Everything Better'

Kendra Wilkinson is no stranger to sharing her private life with the public eye. This week, she sat down with E! News and spilled the beans on her long-distance marriage (and sex life!) with former NFL player Hank Baskett.

In the interview promoting her new comedic live show, Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man, the former Girls Next Door star talked about the struggles of long distance, quoting sex and communication as the keys to making it work.

The 32-year-old mom of two confessed that her sex life isn't as boisterous as it once was, thanks to the geographical distance between her and Baskett. (Sex Tips runs in Las Vegas and Baskett and the kids live in Los Angeles.) She even said that she stopped in the middle of an argument with Baskett on a trip back to Los Angeles to have sex. Wilkinson said that she told Baskett, "As much as I want to fight with you — I need sex more!"

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As you can imagine, their round of TLC pretty much killed the argument. "Sex makes everything better!" Wilkinson says.

Wilkinson also echoed what many happily married couples have been saying for years: communication is key.

"We're eight years in our marriage now, so communication is what we have to hang on to right now to keep our relationship strong. To be honest with you, it was weak at first," she confessed. "I was starting to really miss home, he was starting to miss me. It was almost like a detox we were both going through because we’re so used to being together every minute of the day… now that we’re apart, it was heavy, it was pretty intense. Now we’re starting to find our way."

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In a previous interview regarding their sex life, Wilkinson said, "The thing is we are fun people we don't trap ourselves in the bedroom we are spontaneous people and we don't take things so serious and we don't limit ourselves to our bedroom. We like to look outside the box."

She went on to add, "We venture off into different places like the kitchen and the Jacuzzi, and we've done it in the car a couple of times ... Hank and I did have sex on a jet ski in Cabo. It was awesome."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kendra_wilkinson_baskett