This Is How Long Sex Usually Lasts, In Case You Were Wondering

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It can be awkward to talk about sex, but sometimes it's impossible not to wonder what's "average" in the bedroom. Scientists set out to answer that exact question with a new study that measured how long sex lasts between heterosexual couples. 

Researchers had 500 couples take a stopwatch into the bedroom to provide some answers. They had the couples clock how long it took from insertion of the penis into the vagina to male orgasm, IFL Science reports. 

The findings might surprise you. 

Results varied from 33 seconds to more than 44 minutes. However, the average time for couples was five minutes 24 seconds. 

While the study looks at a very narrow definition of what "sex" entails because it does not take foreplay or female orgasm into account, it does show that there really is no one "normal" when it comes to lovemaking. 

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