Moms Are In Love With This Super-Honest Post About Shower Sex as a Parent

Let's face it, being a parent isn't always the easiest thing. Especially when it comes to being intimate with your partner, having the kiddos around makes it difficult. 

That's why when one Arizona mom was extremely honest about trying to get down and dirty with her husband, mothers all over fell in love with her unabashed story. 

According to Us Weekly, Nicole Ramsey took to the Facebook group Breastfeeding Mama Talk to open up about the last time she tried to have sex with her husband in the shower. She detailed putting the kids down for bed and cranking up the romantic tunes as she and her husband Jason got in the shower together. 

“Found the lighter from my 2-year-old's birthday party and got the dust-covered candles lit,” wrote Ramsey. “We get into the warm shower that is quickly losing heat because my kids took most of the hot water. Kissing passionately in our shower we seem to hear phantom cries of our children about every 30 seconds.”

The mood-killers continued with the plethora of bath-time toys hanging around their feet.

“Trying to catch our footing we hear a loud ‘SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!’ I start cursing the toy dolphin under my breath,” Ramsey shared. ”Finally we both crack up and the sexual mood disappears. We get back to best friend mode, laughing so hard we are barely able to catch our breath.”

The honesty Ramsey put out there was met with other hilarious stories of foiled intimacy from mothers in the group. 

“We have three children and every time we have a moment alone, it turns into a party of five in our bed,” wrote one, while another shared: “We were almost to the point of love making when we heard a loud THUMP. Our son climbed out of his crib and fell on the floor. Ruined it for me that night.”

Ramsey said they keep their romance alive despite it being difficult to find lengths of time to be together alone. 

“If we get a chance, we are trying to get naked as fast as humanly possible. Maybe in the future our sex life will change. But until then, I am praying neither of us step on a Lego," she said. 

Props to you keeping it steamy, legos and all! 


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