Alison Brie Would Want a 'Community' Movie Made for Netflix


Alison Brie Would Want a 'Community' Movie Made for Netflix

Tamera Mowry Shares the Bizarre Place She and Her Husband Have the Best Sex

Are you a person who likes to flaunt your hard-earned gym body in the bedroom? Or do you leave your figure to your partner’s imagination while having some fun?

The ladies of The Real posed the question Thursday, “Do you prefer the lights on or off in the bedroom?” Of the co-hosts’ answers, Tamera Mowry-Housley’s response was the most outrageous.

“I don’t mind doing it in the day, it’s just I’m a very busy woman,” she admitted. “So it usually happens at night, in my closet, in the dark!”

Mowry’s co-hosts reacted how most would: first with confusion, then with lots of questions. Mel B—the only other mom on the panel—asked if her fear of the kids sneaking in was the reason for her bizarre location, noting that she has a household rule to knock before entering the parents’ bedroom.

“When we get home… that’s where we meet. That’s where we naturally migrate,” Mowry replied. “[The closet] is not that big! It’s just right; it fits the both of us.”

When asked what would happen if her kids heard ‘monsters in the closet,’ she said, “When you have two children around, you learn to…” and mimed covering her mouth. 

“So you’re silent, and you’re in the closet, and you’re in the dark,” Mel B joked.

The former Spice Girls member says she prefers sexy candlelight to set the mood with her hubby. Seeing Mel’s toned body in soft, romantic lighting is surely enough to get things going for those two!

What do you prefer during private time with your partner? Do you have a ‘special place’ for having some fun? If you’re brave enough, share it with us in the comments!


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