Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham Accidentally Posts As Herself While Trying To Promote Her Yogurt Shop

It's tough being a business owner that's struggling to build a following and positive word-of-mouth, especially when most of the Yelp reviews you've gotten have been pretty mediocre. Farrah Abraham, star of Teen Mom, decided to proactively get the message out about how delicious her frozen yogurt was at her own store, but made a rookie mistake when trying to leave positive reviews for your own frozen yogurt shop. You can see the photo evidence over at The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

The store, called "Froco," is in Austin, TX and opened last year. Mysteriously, the following review was posted on the store's Yelp page:

"This is an Awesome Froyo location, it's fun and has free events. Coba the mascot is awesome the children love him, the sunglasses are sold out a lot and Farrah the owner is a celebrity so of course this is one of the best frozen yogurt brands in america. They have drawing boards, drinks, coffee, tea togo [sic] and healthy options of frozen yogurt like no sugar added or non fat or gluten free! check it out in person forget all the cyber bullies who are jealous! #HARDWORK pays off! Go Farrah !"

The review itself is relatively positive, however, what's fishy is that it was posted by Farrah's personal account, which she clearly forgot to log out of. That one small detail makes it fo from "relatively positive" to "wow, how desperate are you to get business that you'll leave a glowing review in which you point out how great you are while pretending to be an actual customer?"

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Abraham definitely has a sense of humor about the store, as she's posted a video of herself reading all the one-star reviews her store has gotten, but clearly those poor reviews had more of an impact on her than she let on.

Farrah Abraham probably isn't dismayed by the revelation that she is the only one she can rely on to praise herself, as she makes sure to point out in the "job opportunities" section of her store's site that employees would be working with a "top celebrity in the nation," but fails to mention she's famous for "getting pregnant at a young age."

However, considering how embarrassing it is to review your own business and multiple outlets have reported about the store, I guess this all counts as free advertising. You're welcome, Farrah!


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