Strange 'The View' Clip Involving Christmas Lasagna Goes Viral

A bizarre clip from The View went viral on Friday, and fans are still trying to figure out what [...]

A bizarre clip from The View went viral on Friday, and fans are still trying to figure out what was going on. It came from a segment about Christmas gifts, though it seemed to have a hard time following one consistent thought process. For those that watch The View regularly, it might make at least a little more sense.

The new viral clip is just over a minute long, and it was retweeted nearly 16,000 times on Friday. It begins as most segments on The View do, with Whoopi Golberg introducing the topic. However, for some reason, she spoke in an exaggerated fancy accent.

"The Washington Post gave a holiday blacklist of gifts to avoid this year," she said, barely containing laughter. "Like mugs, and scented candles, and wine."

Goldberg then changed topics unexpected, turning to her co-hosts and saying: "but forget about that! What do you want this year?"

Abby Huntsman then spoke, beginning a sincere point about how she wants "experiences" and "memories," not material goods. However, before she could get far, Joy Behar interrupted her.

"Memories, oh please," she said. "You know, you girls, I know what you want. And it so happens that Christmas came early. And you're all, at the table, getting a lasagna!"

Just then, well-dressed waiters rushed out on to the stage and put a full lasagna down in front of each co-host. At the same time, a chorus of people in red tuxedos stood up from throughout the studio audience and began singing "Joy to The World," while all the co-hosts laughed uproariously. The live crowd cheered, but those online were deeply confused.

"At no point in that clip did I know what was going to happen next," wrote one person, perhaps summing it up best.

"Watching this feels like having a stroke," added another.

The clip is admittedly scattered, although there is an explanation for the lasagnas, at least. It goes all the way back to November, when Behar brought one of her famous homemade lasagnas to Golberg as a birthday present. At the time, Meghan McCain complained that neither she nor Sunny Hostin had gotten a lasagna for their birthdays, right in the middle of a political debate.

"But I still love you and I would like my freaking lasagna," she said to Behar at the time. "So would Sunny."

"I'll give you your lasagna when you give me your guns, how is that?" Behar answered.

Whatever the topic is, the panel has proven that they can still surprise fans any day of the week if they want to. The View airs on weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.