Jinger Duggar's 'Game Changer' Photo Lights up Comments Section

Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo are enjoying their trip to Los Angeles, California and the latest snapshot shared by the Counting On star is lighting up the comments section among fans, chiming in with a plethora of remarks on an age-old debate: coffee or tea?

While it might seem like a trivial discussion point, researchers have come to report in recent years that both beverages hold their own when it comes a number of benefits, offering so much more than caffeine and that pick-me-up everyone craves to start their day.

"Coffee or tea?" Duggar captioned the cool photo, which fans complimented had brought out an '80s vibe. "I'm usually coffee all the way, but the iced pink drink [Alfred Tea] was a game changer!"

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Coffee or tea? I’m usually coffee all the way, but the iced pink drink @alfredtea was a game changer!

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Fans of the Counting On star took to the comments section to leave remarks on a variety of aspects found in Duggar's photo. From her lengthy hair to her choice of drink, and overall vibe — nothing was off limits on the post shared to Instagram.

"You hair!" one fan wrote, alongside a string of heart emojis. "It's so long!"

Another echoed, "Don't cut your hair! It's gorgeous," followed by heart eye emojis.

Other fans took to her Instagram post to remark on the choice of drink: a bubble tea, also known as the popular Taiwanese chilled tea that contains a blend of milk, sugar and "pearl" toppings, which are notably chewy tapioca balls, popping boba, fruit jelly, agar Kelly and puddings.

"Try their Coconut iced tea. It's life changing!!!" one fan recommended of the popular Los Angeles tea room.

"I love tea. Never been a coffee drinker," chimed in another.

"Boba tea is the best!" added another alongside a heart emoji, while another fan wrote, "Gotta have my tea. Chai is my favorite."

Duggar's husband, Vuolo also took to his own Instagram to share a snapshot of his wife with their daughter, Felicity at the Carrera Cafe. "To be honest, we tasted pretty good," he captioned the snaps, which showcased a design of their faces on the lattes.

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To be honest, we tasted pretty good. || @carreracafe ||

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According to Women's Health Magazine, while there is more research on tea, recent findings have been proving that there is plenty out on coffee as well with the two acting as a great benefit to a healthy diet when you drink them. Scientists suggest coffee consumption may aid in the prevention of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and liver disease, in addition to protecting memory and brain function.

Meanwhile, regular tea consumption has been shown to aid in strong immune function, system and lower the risk of cancer and strengthen bones. Not to mention, helps with lowering body weight, and reducing the risk of both heart attack and stroke.


So whatever you drink, drink up!