Did Amy Roloff Tease 'Little People, Big World' Getting Canceled?

Amy Roloff left Little People, Big World fans believing the end was near for the TLC reality series that put her family in the spotlight. According to The Sun, fans of the show are digging into some background on social media and taking them as cues that she's revealing the reality series is ending.

The teases or the delusions of fans revolve around Amy Roloff's cooking series, Amy Roloff's Little Kitchen. The reality star has new aprons with the name of the show on them, more professional photos, and higher quality production value. It has convinced a few, according to The Sun, to single it out and assume it means Little People, Big World is ending.

"Anyone else thinks this is the last season? Amy's cooking videos production quality up," a fan wrote online, according to The Sun. "I've noticed recently the production quality and Amy's appearance [has] been ramped up and she seems to be really focusing and promoting these videos."

This led to several replies and like-minded fans who chimed in with their thoughts. "Amy is preparing for her future without the income from the show and the farm," one fan wrote. "I thought it was done the year that the producers literally zoomed in on paint drying, but I think that was two seasons ago. It keeps going on," another added. "Yeah I agree with you Amy is preparing for her future when the TV show ends after next year," a third wrote.

The series just wrapped up Season 23, continuing to move on since premiering way back in 2006. But has the show been quietly canceled? Are the Roloffs being replaced by other families with little people? Are fans overreacting? The survey says the last option is the strongest.


The Sun quickly adds that Amy Roloff previously revealed that the family had signed up for at least two more seasons with TLC, taking it through Season 24. They also add that the show consistently pulls in over a million viewers each episode. So it doesn't seem like the numbers indicate the show is almost finished.

What is clear from this situation is that fans of Little People, Big World need something to keep them busy. Their mind wanders and a show ends up canceled. Keep tuning in, folks. It's not going anywhere.