'American Idol': Jordan Jones Proposes to Girlfriend in Heartwarming Audition Moment

During Sunday night's episode of American Idol, the show featured contestant Jordan Jones' proposal to girlfriend Leaira Gavern after he got his gold ticket to Hollywood. Jones announced their engagement on Instagram in November, but kept the story behind the engagement a secret on social media until the new Idol episode aired. The couple are now happily married.

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Jones, a a 26-year-old lounge pianist from Scottsdale, Arizona, performed a song on the piano for his audition. Afterwards, he asked judges Lionel Ritchie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan if he could bring Houghton into the studio with him and called her "probably the greatest person who's ever been made."

After she came in, the trio told them they would be going to Hollywood. Before they could really celebrate though, Jones got down on one knee and proposed.

The judges applauded after Gavern said yes. Perry then became the first person to look at the big engagement ring Jordan gave Gavern. The trio gave Jordan the gold ticket, which became an afterthought following the audition.

"This room is blessed!" an excited Perry said before the next audition. "This is a union. This room is love. I'm going to be lovey-dovey for the next couple of days. Yeah right. Back to reality. Let's go."

Jones revealed on Instagram on Nov. 3 he and Gavern got engaged. In the caption, he made no mention of American Idol.

"I have swiftly become the happiest and luckiest man across all of time. te amo mucho, mi amor," he wrote.

Gavern, whose Instagram page also lists her name as Lēaira Marie Houghton, shared photos from their wedding on Feb. 20. "Today my best friend became my husband," she wrote.

On Saturday, she shared photos of the couple at Walt Disney World, along with a very long caption about Jones.

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"Seeing this picture, 'Most magical day with my best friend' is the only statement that justifies what this day meant to me," she wrote. "I've noticed that I've referred to Jordan a lot as my best friend, but the truth is, he IS my best friend. I remember when we got further along in our relationship and Jordan would tell me I was his best friend, yet I couldn't find myself to say the same. It wasn't against him, he wasn't doing anything wrong, I just couldn't fathom the fact that I could actually find a best friend in a significant other. It's a concept I've never experienced before and unfortunately wasn't something I was raised seeing in my house. It was easier and happened quicker that I said the L word than believing my boyfriend could be so kind, sweet, adventurous, and fun like a BF."

"I can remember my break through point in fully grasping everything Jordan really meant to me," she continued. "We drove to the Phoenix airport to the very top level of the parking garage, and him and I just stood outside and watched the sun set. Honestly, that moment brought me to tears. I told Jordan that I never thought a moment like that was possible. For me to watch the sunset with my boyfriend who in that moment became my very bestest friend, was quite overwhelming for the girl who was struggling to believe Jordan was even real. So yes, Jordan Jones Houghton is my VERY best friend!! I hope y'all who haven't found your best friend will find them soon."

Jones and Gavern's Instagram pages also reveal that Jordan has a son from a previous relationship.

This is not the first time American Idol has featured a proposal. During Hollywood Week last season, contestant Johanna Jones' boyfriend Matt popped the question.


American Idol airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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