'Dog the Bounty Hunter' and Stepdaughter Cecily Pose With Shirt Honoring Late Beth Chapman Amid Family Reconciliation

Duane "Dog" Chapman and his stepdaughter Cecily are coming together and showing love for Beth Chapman eight months after the Dog the Bounty Hunter matriarch died due to complications with her throat cancer diagnosis, unveiling a collection of "For Beth" apparel with the eco-friendly company One Love One Tribe.

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It's been a difficult couple of months for the Chapman family amid Dog's rumored romance with Beth's friend, Moon Angell, but the reality personality came together to show off a tribute shirt in an Instagram photo Tuesday. "Family!" Dog captioned the picture. "With my beautiful daughter Cecily."

While Dog's relationship with Angell, which he has always maintained was not romantic, caused a lot of online backlash from daughters Lyssa and Cecily, he told TMZ last week that all has been repaired in the family.

"We're good, she's just one of my crazy daughters," Dog said when asked about his relationship with Lyssa.

"This is how families do, right?" he joked. "We're like normal families, right? We're all nuts."

Things seemed to get better after Angell moved out of Dog's house, but he insisted it wasn't the only factor in the family divide: "I don't know about the word dysfunctional, but I think we created it."

After Angell turned down Dog's proposal on The Dr. Oz Show earlier this month, the bounty hunter explained to Entertainment Tonight that Angell had been a pillar of strength for him after losing Beth.

"I am very lonesome," he said at the time, explaining he was first drawn to Angell because of her past with Beth. "And she talked about Beth constantly, 'Remember what Beth used to tell us,' and of course I would light right up when she'd say that. I was infatuated with a dream."

As for the proposal, which Angell turned down, Dog insisted there was no stunt involved.

"I swear on my mama and on Beth that [the Dr. Oz proposal] was not rehearsed," he said. "And you saw Dr. Oz was even like, 'Oh my god.' I knew I was gonna do it way before I done it, and I said, 'This will stop these rumors.'"

Dog admitted when asked what would have happened had Angell said yes that he would have likely moved forward in their relationship, but that things remain platonic.


"Yes, I am going to be honest with you, brother. Yeah, I think I would have because it was more accessible," he admitted, explaining that would have been tough, as Angell once told him, "'No one will ever love you like Beth did. You better stop looking for that because there is no woman alive that will ever love you like that.'"

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