Duane 'Dog' Chapman Calls Late Wife Beth His 'Always and Forever' Amid Dating Rumors

Duane "Dog" Chapman is shutting down reports that he's back on the dating scene following the death of wife Beth. The Dog's Most Wanted star was recently photographed with a woman, leading to reports that he was already trying to spark some romance. While some reports cleared the air already, noting she was an employee on the upcoming WGN series and their "date" was actually a business event, Dog has gone ahead to put the news to rest on his own according to InTouch Weekly.

The reality star didn't need to say much to get his message across, sharing a photo shared by daughter Cecily showing a younger Dog and Beth kissing. The Dog's Most Wanted star re-posted the image with his own hashtag in the caption.

"[Always and forever]," Chapman wrote.

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This echoes what daughter Bonnie Chapman had shared earlier in the week, noting her father hasn't been on any dates and plans to stay single until he passes away himself.

“[I’m] pissed on my father’s behalf that he can’t go on a business dinner without someone speculating he’s on a date,” the 20-year-old wrote on Instagram. “Leave our family alone, please. Leave my father alone. Let him try to continue our business in peace.”

“If you really wanna know who she is, she’s a member of our crew,” Bonnie continued. “Dad was out with eight other people at that dinner.”

The younger Chapman was in better spirits back in July when answering some fan questions about her father's romantic future, saying that Dog had his soulmate according to InTouch.

“Nope, he found his soul mate,” she told a curious fan. “No one can replace her in his heart. Their love was one of a kind, [and] it made me believe love truly exists.”

Dog himself has said that his wife prepared him for the day she passed and how to live on his own without her by his side.

“For two to three years, she knew this might happen,” Chapman told Entertainment Tonight following Chapman's death. "So she would say, ‘Who is going to sit next to you?’ And I said, ‘No one.’” When she said, “Big Daddy, you better not let another girl take my place."

Chapman made his promise not to replace Beth and it seems he is committed to that idea.

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He's very busy at this point anyway with the upcoming premiere of Dog's Most Wanted on WGN America. The reality star released a new trailer on his Instagram page earlier this week, also sharing fan reactions in his Instagram Story.

The series will premiere on WGN America on Sept. 4, 2019, at 9 p.m. ET, preceded by a two-day marathon of Dog the Bounty Hunter to help set the stage for his newest adventures.