'Little People, Big World' Star Audrey Roloff Reveals When She'll Learn Sex of Baby No. 2

Will Ember Jean have a little brother or a little sister? According to Audrey Roloff, she and husband Jeremy Roloff will find out the sex of their second child in “just a couple of weeks.” The Little People, Big World alum revealed the exciting news earlier this week on her Instagram Story, In Touch Weekly reports, sharing a series of clips from her first pregnancy.

“I can’t believe we get to find out the gender of baby #2 in just a couple of weeks!” she wrote.

Roloff and her husband, who welcomed their daughter in September of 2017, announced in July of this year, that they are expecting their second child together. Although they kept relatively mum about the pregnancy in the days immediately following the announcement, they divulged all the details during their Behind the Scenes podcast on July 30.

“I am seventeen weeks,” Roloff revealed at the time. “And my due date is Jan. 8. So, very different this time around. Having a winter baby. As opposed to last year, we had Ember at the very end of the summer. So being pregnant at a different time of the year is just fun.”

She also revealed that she is planning to have a “natural birth” at a hospital, just as she had done when delivering Ember.

“So I’ve always been pretty crunchy," she said. “If medical interventions are unnecessary then I just lean more on the natural side, but I also wanted to experience the true pains of childbirth and pregnancy.”

“I loved that I had access to medical professionals,” she continued, speaking of her first delivery. “Heaven forbid if anything ever happened…I had really great nurses and midwives…I felt like I had a home birth at the hospital.”

The former Little People, Big World star also said that she was having "fun" being pregnant with a winter baby, as opposed to Ember's Sept. 10 birthday.


The couple even opened up about the gender of their little one on the way, revealing that they did plan on finding out the sex before giving birth. Jeremy added that while he was impartial” to having either a son or a second daughter, noting that it would be “fun to have another girl,” he thinks they will have a son this time.

Baby Roloff No. 2 is set to arrive just two months after another Roloff baby is set to make their way into the world. Tori Roloff and husband Zach Roloff are currently expecting their second child. The baby girl is set to arrive this November and will join older brother Jackson.