'Teen Mom' Fans React to Jenelle Evans' Rumored Report About Co-Stars Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer Dating

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans shared a link to a Teen Mom fan site report alleging a romantic relationship between Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer. Although there is no evidence proving they are, Evans' Instagram Story post with the link continued the speculation among fans and critics. After sharing the unsubstantiated rumors, MTV fans reacted strongly to the story, with many blasting Evans for fueling speculation.

"Janelle (sic) is trash... jealous she was fired, has no friends and has lost her kids and can't take them on vacay," one fan wrote on Facebook. "Kaitlyn and Leah have played the reality tv game and are winning!"

"Jenelle that's why you're a non factor you wanna matter so bad," another wrote.

"Shouldn’t Janelle be worrying about her own problems. Instead of starting rumors, she should be a good example for her kids. Not to talk about anyone. Why does she care, she is no longer part of the show," one wrote.

"Even if it is true it’s [none] of her concern she needs to grow up and focus on herself," another Facebook user wrote.

Others shrugged off the idea that Lowry and Messer might be dating or hanging out together amid their recent breakups.

"Go for it Kailyn and Leah! That would be the best pair!!! Two awesome moms! 6 awesome kids! And like the Brady bunch new style!! 3 girls and 3 boys! I’m supportive and all for it!! Whatever makes you happy!!!" one wrote.

"Oh geez, 2 girls being friends. Why do people have to think more?" another questioned.

"Oh good lord... friends cant hug ? Since when , all us. Gals hug our friends. Its what we do ... Jenelle needs to grow the hell up ... her and that fake Farah should have never been picked for the show ... And the shows have gone on way too long as it is," one very serious fan wrote.

On Saturday, Evans shared a link to a Teen Mom Talk Now article titled "Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry Admit to Cheating Together." While it is true that the two admitted to cheating on significant others in the past, the article also mentions rumors that Lowry and Messer were dating.

The rumors started back in late April and early May, when the two vacationed together in Costa Rica. However, they are just close friends, even vacationing together again in Hawaii earlier this month with their children.

Evans frequently shares links to blog posts that appear to be critical of her former Teen Mom co-stars. After fans pointed out her own slew of controversies, she tweeted, "Never knew stating facts on twitter was attacking people."


Evans' most recent drama unfolded in May, when husband David Eason allegedly shot and killed their family dog for biting daughter Ensley. The couple temporarily lost custody of their children, only to have their custody agreements restored earlier this month.

MTV said it would no longer film Evans for future Teen Mom 2 episodes as a result of the scandal.