Aubrey O'Day Admits Donald Trump Jr. Is No Longer the 'Person I Fell in Love With'

Singer and Ex on the Beach star Aubrey O'Day might think Donald Trump Jr. is her "soulmate," but that does not mean she thinks there is any chance of them getting back together. She recently told PEOPLE how she no longer thinks the president's son is the person she fell in love with. Trump is now dating former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle.

O'Day allegedly had an affair with Trump in 2011, when he was still married to Vanessa Trump. The Danity Kane singer called Trump her "soulmate" in the first episode of Ex on the Beach this season. In her new interview with PEOPLE, O'Day said that feeling was mutual.

"We both thought we were each other’s soulmates. It’s something we spoke about often," she claimed. "A soulmate is someone you spend a period of time, moment, of life with that you’re connected as one. I had that with Don."

O'Day said she loved that they were "passionate and connected and loyal and honest," which she hopes to find in another man someday. However, she has realized she will not find that again with Trump.

"I think he closed the chapter when he went the direction that he did," O'Day told the magazine. "He’s chosen to be in the life that he’s in now and be the person that he is now, and that’s not the person that I fell in love with."

As for why she started talking about the alleged affair, O'Day said she was asked about it and decided to tell the truth "because I'm an honest person."

"There were tabloids and headlines and speculations and a lot of rumors — a lot of untrue things that were being printed continuously for a period of time, but no one ever just asked me directly what the truth was," she said. "When I was asked, I told the truth."

O'Day said she was never afraid of backlash because she knew she was telling her truth. "I’m at an age now where I want to start to live it openly and honestly, and I don’t want to hide it in order to please other people," she added.

After her affair with Trump, O'Day dated Jersey Shore star Pauly "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio for about three years after they both appeared on Famously Single in 2015. In a recent Instagram post promoting Ex on the Beach, O'Day called that relationship "torture."

"Life is more enjoyable when you’re around kind people," O'Day told PEOPLE. "Positivity is also a big one, and obviously, I’m attracted to motivated, driven people that reach for their dreams and get there."


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