'Alaskan Bush People' Star Rain Brown Is Staying 'Strong' in Sparkly New Photo

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown is clearly enjoying the national heat wave. The Discovery Channel reality star posted a fun photo on Instagram showing herself sporting short shorts and flip flops, and added an inspirational message to go with the colorful picture.

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"Give your life a little sparkle," Brown wrote, adding the hashtags "stay happy," "stay strong" and "stay sparkling." She also tagged older sister Birdy Brown, who took the photo.

In the picture, Brown is seen from behind, waving and wearing a tie-dye T-shirt, a panama hat, white short shorts and blue flip flops.

The 16-year-old Brown, the youngest Brown sibling featured on Alaskan Bush People, is known for sharing inspirational and eye-opening messages on her Instagram page. For example, earlier this week, she posted a beautiful photo of mountains and a metaphor comparing people and their purposes to shoes.

“I believe that people are like shoes. We each have a purpose. And a use... believe my purpose is to help people believe, in love, in life, and most importantly in God," Brown wrote. “It doesn’t matter what you look like how old you are, or how practical you may be. You still carry out that purpose. Heals are meant to make people feel pretty and confident. Tennis shoes are meant to make people feel light on their feet and powerful.”

She continued, "Whatever your purpose may be. Believe in it. Spread it. And love it. And don’t worry if you haven’t found it yet, odds are it’s right in front of your eyes. Thank you for reading everyone! Have a blessed day.”

Last month, she shared a quote reading, "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional." She included a long caption, reminding her fans that everyone might feel defeat and pain, but it is important to not be so hard on yourself.

"We all have pain but suffering is something we control. So when you think about giving up, think to yourself, 'What would happen if I didn’t?' The answer is, you will never know if you do. You can give up anytime. What’s the rush?" Brown wrote at the time. "Let’s see what tomorrow brings together."

In the past, Brown has been open about her battle with depression and shares inspirational quotes on her Instagram page from the Brown family's new home in Washington state. The family moved their so Brown's mother Ami could have better access to doctors after she fought stage 4 lung cancer.


Alaskan Bush People's ninth season, which aired in March, chronicled their move to Washington and showed them building a new homestead. Season 10 will kick off on Aug. 4.

"We’re back guys," Brown's father Billy said in the trailer, which shows the family working quickly to build spaces for each Brown child. "It's really important each one of the guys, they have their houses finished before the snow locks us up."