Jenelle Evans Shares Video of Weekend With David Eason Amid Ongoing Custody Battle

Jenelle Evans and David Eason may be caught in the middle of a nasty custody battle, but they won't let that keep them from enjoying life on their North Carolina Farm. The couple spent a relaxing Sunday together and gave fans a glimpse into their lives on Instagram Stories.

Over the weekend, Evans posted a video of herself and Eason tending to the chicks and chickens in their backyard. The video showed more than a dozen birds following Eason around. He can be heard saying, "What do you think about getting some food?" in the video.

"Chickens everywhere," the former Teen Mom 2 star captioned the clip.

(Photo: Instagram/@j_evans1219)

Evans and Eason are still locked in a nasty battle for custody of their children. The former MTV star, who was fired after her husband admitted to shooting and killing her dog Nugget, opened up about the unfortunate situation on June 20.

"Just remember ... my cosmetic site is under construction! While I am working very hard on myself and my relationship, I also have a team working for me behind closed doors," Evans said on Twitter. "Rumors are rumors. New site coming soon!"

Her post came several weeks after her and Eason's children were removed from their home as a result of the killing. Last month, Evans and Eason appeared in court with Evans' mom, Barbara Evans, who was granted temporary custody of Ensley, 2. Her other child, Kaiser, is in dad Nathan Griffith's custody while Eason's daughter Maryssa, 11, has also been removed from the home.

Barbara has had custody of Evans' oldest son, Jace, for most of his life.

The judge ruling over the custody case found that Evans "failed to protect the children while they were in her care." She and Eason returned to court early this month. The couple hoped they'd regain custody of their children, but did not. During the hearing, Evans and Barbara got into a heated argument.

Evans spoke with Us Weekly about her relationship with her mother afterward.


"I do feel like my relationship with my mom is destroyed at this point," she said. "This isn't a way a mother should be treating her daughter. She fights so hard for my sister and my brother when they are the ones with major issues, not me."

Evans has made a number of posts about missing her children on social media. She claims that she and Eason plan to continue the fight to get them back.


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