'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Fans Take to Beth Chapman's Last Tweet Before Hospitalization to Send Well Wishes

As Dog the Bounty Hunter fans wait for news on Beth Chapman's condition, they are rallying around her latest tweet.

Chapman, who is married to Duane "Dog" Chapman, tweeted out a brief message just hours before she was placed into a medically induced coma.

In the message, she reveals the Dog has been spending more time outdoors, specifically to mow their yard.

She joked that he either had "something on his mind" or that the world renown bounty hunter was getting forgetful.

Fans filed into the tweet's replies with thoughts that perhaps Dog was stepping away to reflect on things, mainly Chapman's illness. Aside from that, he also has his day job as a bounty hunter, his upcoming WGN America series Dog's Most Wanted, and his multiple children to stay in touch with, among other commitments.

It's easy to see how all that could get overwhelming for anyone, even Dog. So it's very likely he just needed to clear his head.


Otherwise, fans have also been sending prayers to Chapman as she is now in a coma.

She is being treated at The Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, specifically in the intensive care unit. Not exactly details of her latest medical scare have been released, but it is presumed that this was brought on by her battle with throat cancer.


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