Trisha Yearwood Plans to Put Garth Brooks to Work on Her Every Girl Tour (Exclusive)


Trisha Yearwood Plans to Put Garth Brooks to Work on Her Every Girl Tour (Exclusive)

‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Daughter Bonnie Chapman Says She Doesn’t Want to Return to Hawaii

Dog the Bounty Hunter daughter Bonnie Chapman is no stranger to sharing her true feelings online. The daughter of Duane "Dog" Chapman and Beth Chapman has opened up about her depression to fans online, her feelings after the return of her mother's cancer, and her revelation that she is pansexual.

She has shown a fearless streak with her openness, but her latest posts on social media show she might have a small bit of anxiety when it involves returning to Hawaii.

Chapman recently moved to a new apartment and was in the process of unpacking when they had to evacuate due to a fire. Nothing came of the fire, but it is certainly a reminder that you can never predict what will happen in life. For Chapman, that could mean a return to Hawaii.

As she shared on Twitter with fans, Hawaii is the last place she wants to return to.

(Photo: Twitter/Bonnie Chapman)

"Everyone I know is so excited to go back to the islands, meanwhile I’ll do anything not to return," Chapman wrote in the post.

While some could assume this indicates a fear about returning to family or failing in the real world, but that doesn't seem to be the case. A fan asks why she wouldn't want to return to Hawaii, leading to Chapman opening up some more.

"Traffic, too many people and I just had overwhelming anxiety there," Chapman reveals.

(Photo: Twitter/Bonnie Chapman)

While Hawaii would seem like a paradise location for many people, it is likely a different story after you've lived there for a while. Tourists area are never as great for the longterm residents.

Staying away from anxiety also shouldn't be a surprise for anybody familiar with the Chapman family over the past few months. Not only has Beth Chapman's cancer diagnosis shroud everything that the family is doing currently, including her own return to television, but family drama and increased attention have also made daily living a bit of a stressful situation.


That said, Chapman has never indicated she had a poor relationship with her parents. This stands in contrast with stepsister Lyssa Chapman in recent weeks, despite both sharing similar qualities. In fact, Bonnie Chapman indicated that her parents were accepting of her pansexuality just a few months back.

If she doesn't want to return to Hawaii any time soon, it shouldn't be an issue. It's a big world.


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