'Last Man Standing' Star Jet Jurgensmeyer Is 'Super Excited' For Co-Star Amanda Fuller After Pregnancy Announcement


'Last Man Standing' Star Jet Jurgensmeyer Is 'Super Excited' For Co-Star Amanda Fuller After Pregnancy Announcement

Body Cam Shows 'Chrisley Knows Best' Son Kyle Chrisley's Drug Arrest Footage

New details about Chrisley Knows Best son Kyle Chrisley's arrest for methamphetamine possession earlier this month have emerged along with body cam footage from police.

TMZ obtained footage from Oklahoma authorities Wednesday of police taking off the lid of a cup, alleged to belong to Chrisley, where methamphetamine was found.

See the video here.

TMZ broke the story earlier this week that the former Chrisley Knows Best star has been arrested under suspicion of felony methamphetamine possession after being pulled over for a broken tail light, after which it was discovered there was a warrant out for his arrest in Georgia pertaining wife Alexus Chrisley.

Kylie is accused of making death threats towards Alexus in January, which according to documents obtained by the outlet, came from a threatening message he sent her.

"[Not] before I end you. Im going to the streets I will get my s— and take care of this problem with you because if I'm not with you nobody will be. Bye Alexus," he wrote.

When she replied, "that's a threat to my life," the 27-year-old responded "yes :Lexi it was. Goodbye."

After TMZ broke the news of Kyle's arrest, dad Todd Chrisley, whose strained relationship with his son has played out on earlier seasons of the USA Network reality show, took to Twitter with a not-so-veiled message about the unfolding events.

"I have no room for regret, I won’t dim my light so someone else can shine brighter, I am a child of God and he did not build me to break, therefore I stand head held high to serve his purpose," he wrote.

Sister Lindsie Chrisley also had a message for press reaching out to her in the wake of the arrest, lashing out in a pointed message on social media Sunday.


"Stop calling me for comment & acting like you found my number on your own. Ask the folks that sold you the story," the Coffee Convos podcast co-host wrote at the time.

Photo credit: USA Network