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‘A Dark Place’ Star Luke Baines Talks Stepping Into a ‘Very Different’ Role in Suspense Drama

Kim Kardashian's Fans Freak out Over New Bathroom Sinks Kanye West Designed

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been responsible for their fair share of head-scratching moments throughout their relationship and careers to this point. But recently, the couple's bathroom sinks gave plenty of people some new wrinkles on their foreheads according to Entertainment Tonight.

Kardashian chatted with Vogue recently and took part in the outlet's 73 questions video segment and gave fans a look into her bathroom. While it wasn't addressed in the video, many noticed the super-minimalist style in the restroom and questioned how the sink part of it even worked.

"Can someone PLEASE explain the sinks at kim & kanye's house," one person asked on Twitter. Others joined in with some simple questions and some confused gifs over the sinks that look like they lack any type of drain for the water to flow to.

The questions got so hefty that Kardashian took to Instagram to explain the background of the sinks and how they work.

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"There's a slit for the water," she says in the quick tour of the bathroom. "And it goes in. You can put it on as high pressure as you want and no backsplash will come up."

In the opening of the video, Kardashian explains that the sinks are the results of a Kanye drawing.

"Kanye, Axel Vervoordt, and Claudio Sivestrin all did this sink."

Others chimed in online to help with the explanation, showing that the view most saw in the Vogue video highlighted the visual illusion that isn't apparent at first glance.

"Sink is a concave conical engraving into the marble with a drainage hole about 10 inches from the faucet," a knowledgeable fan added on Twitter. "You can see the drainage. It's like a slide that gets more narrow as it approaches the drain."

So there isn't a basin for the water to pool up into, but it does just drain out and work as an actual sink is supposed to work. And judging from Kardashian's video, the sink is actually pretty effective.

Not everybody agreed, though, with some making jokes and dropping memes after the sinks were explained by the reality TV star. One posted a gif that noted "sometimes things that are expensive are worse," while another pointed out the genius of these sinks.

"Can't wash dishes if there's no place to put the dishes," another posted alongside the popular "think about it" gif.

Still, none of this is going to change Kardashian's mind about her sinks or her bathroom.

"I think it's really cool and more visibly appealing," Kardashian said in her Instagram video, also showing off her light switches with "three little buttons" and no box around them.

Just don't think any of this stuff was cheap. According to Us Weekly, the home was purchased by the couple back in 2014 for $20 million. They then went on to do an additional $20 million to renovate the home, likely adding in the artsy sinks and three button light switches.


It's an interesting diversion from the recent news swirling around Kardashian, namely her interest in becoming a lawyer. The decision has been ripped by many as "privilege," but the reality star has defended the decision and she doesn't care about the reaction.

"Kim realizes that some people are laughing at her for the lawyer thing, but she really doesn't care," a source told PEOPLE. "She is focused that this is what she wants to do, and she's going to do it, regardless of what people think."