Watch: Chelsea Houska Breaks New Baby News to Her Kids

Chelsea Houska is currently expecting her third child, and fans were able to see the 26-year-old share the news with her kids during this week's episode of Teen Mom 2.

Houska and her husband, Cole DeBoer, couldn't wait for the MTV cameras to tell their kids, Aubree and Watson the news, so they filmed the moment on DeBoer's phone to include in the show. To share the surprise, Houska showed Aubree her pregnancy test, with the 8-year-old excitedly exclaiming, "You're pregnant!"

The next day, cameras arrived, with the couple sharing that they had been trying for a while and were thrilled to be pregnant.

"It's so early," Houska said, noting that her baby was the size of an apple seed. "We're going to have two under 2."

"We were obviously trying," the reality star said of her journey to baby number three. "I took a test every day and they were always 'No,' and I wanted to know the second I could find out."

"I did it every day, multiple times a day," she shared, revealing that she learned that she was pregnant about two weeks prior to filming the scene.

"It was a 'No' in the morning and then later, after I ran errands, I took another one, and it had the lightest line," she said, her husband interjecting, "I knew it the whole time."

Houska and DeBoer are expecting a baby girl to join Aubree and 1-year-old Watson.

During a recent interview with E! News, Houska shared that her third pregnancy has been her easiest so far, adding that her daughter can't wait to be a big sister again.

"Aubree is super excited. She wanted a girl this time so she is excited and she is so much help. But Watson, he has no idea," the mom of two said. "We told Aubree right away this time and she knew that we wanted another baby soon so she was surprised but she was just so happy."

Houska added that no matter what she's going through, she wants to be honest on the show so that viewers can relate to her experiences.


"You want to be open and honest because people are going through the same things that we're going through and it does kind of feel nice when other people can relate to it," she said. "You want to be open but it's also scary. Even after nine years, it's definitely still scary."

Photo Credit: MTV