Jessa Duggar’s Son Injured in Fight Involving Toy Fire Truck

One of Jessa (Duggar) Seewald's sons ended up with a welt on his head as a result of a sibling squabble this week, with Jessa taking to Instagram to vent about the incident.

The Counting On star wrote that her maternal instincts kicked in on Wednesday when Spurgeon, 2, told her that Henry, 1, hit his head. She had her suspicions that the toddler wasn't giving her the full truth about the situation and that he may have bonked Henry on the head after Henry stole his toy fire truck.

"This little guy. He's a cutie alright, but don't let that fool ya! How can two-year-olds be so cute and innocent and yet such little stinkers at the same time?"

So imagine Jessa's surprise when she saw the perfect markings of a toy fire truck tail light on Henry's forehead.

"And that's when I got a glimpse of this: Little red marks in a perfect circle with a line down the middle. Immediately, I thought 'tail light.'"

She went on to thank her younger sister, Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo, for putting up with her own antics when they were younger.

"That was totally me in my toddler days. @jingervuolo, thank you for always loving me and being my BFF, even when I was THAT KID!"

While things may seem crazy with two kids under the age of three, that's not stopping fans from speculating that Jessa and husband Ben Seewald are expecting baby number three. It's not exactly uncommon for Duggars to pop out three babies in as many years, and fans are convinced Jessa has number three on the way — especially after she seemingly confirmed the news on a video for TLC.

“When we talk, it's so fun to just compare the different things we're experiencing in pregnancy. See what things are similar. See what things are different,” Jessa says in the video, her words leading many to believe that they may be noticing a baby bump sometime soon.

Jessa and Ben have contemplated having another child, with part of their conversation about it ending up in a different TLC teaser clip.

“What if we have another kid by the end of four years?” Ben says to Jessa in the trailer.


The couple married in 2014 and have since brought Spurgeon and Henry into the world.

In a recent photo shared to the Duggar family's Facebook celebrating Jinger's pregnancy announcement, Ben seems to be cradling Jessa's stomach — which sparked the pregnancy speculation in the first place.