'Teen Mom OG' Stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Owe Nearly $7,000 in Taxes

Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra might be bringing home MTV money, but it hasn't kept them totally out of debt.

The reality TV couple is reportedly in $7,000 worth debt, according to Radar Thursday, despite each of them bringing home about $25,000 per episode of Teen Mom.

According to a delinquent tax bill obtained by Girl On The Web from St. Clair County Court in Michigan, Baltierra owes $1,794 for the 2016 year and $2,641 for the 2017 year on their previous home.

Lowell and Baltierra were then slapped with a delinquent tax bill for $2,545 for the 2017 year on another home.

News of the couple's financial problems comes amid rumors that the two are headed for divorce.

After Baltierra failed to wish his wife a Happy Mother's Day on social media, Lowell changed her Instagram name to drop the "Baltierra" after her maiden name, leading fans to suspect the fan favorite couple could be on the rocks.

Lowell's father, David, told Radar that the two spent the holiday weekend apart — but that he didn't think much of the speculation that the two were splitting up.

"Tyler is in Texas visiting his dad Butch and Catelynn is in Florida with Nova visiting her older sister," David Lowell said. "Everything is good as far as I know. I don't know about the Instagram name change. I didn't notice."

Lowell herself denied the rumors, posting a screenshot of the headline to her Instagram profile, which now reads as Catelynn Baltierra.

"[Tyler Baltierra] and I are not getting a divorce. Couples go through ups and downs that’s normal life. We are a solid couple that will work through anything life throws at us!" she wrote, signing off as Catelynn Baltierra.

As previously reported, Lowell checked herself into a mental health treatment facility in November after experiencing suicidal thoughts. One month later, she returned home, but headed back to treatment in January to confront childhood trauma.

Lowell revealed in February that she had suffered a miscarriage, but has since returned home again to Baltierra and 3-year-old daughter Nova.

In the season finale of Teen Mom OG, Lowell opened up about what she's been dealing with to husband Baltierra, and told him that she would understand if he wanted to divorce her when she revealed her need to return to rehab.

“It’s super hard for me to tell you this thing, so keep an open mind,” she said. “I’ve started to have really bad anxiety in the mornings but I’ve been hiding it. I just feel like I’ve been letting people down for some reason. I feel guilty [by having anxiety]. Obviously, my meds aren’t working. I have to force myself to get in the shower and put makeup on.”

Baltierra, who has also been open about his struggle with depression, admitted he was feeling insecure about his role in her life, telling his wife, “It’s gotta be something with me.”

“No! It has nothing to do with you, Tyler. It’s my inner child s—. I’m telling you right now, it’s nothing to do with what you do,” Lowell said about her decision to return to treatment. “It’s me being a f—ing 12-year-old and my dad leaving or me being, like, 8 and my mom drinking all the time and not being there. It’s my own s—. It’s just coming out when things go on in life. That’s how trauma works. It’s nothing to do with you, you’re awesome. You’re supportive.”

“I didn’t even want to tell you that I was going back,” Lowell said. “I just thought, ‘I wouldn’t blame Tyler, like seriously, if you wanted to just divorce me.’ I put you through so much. You’re an awesome husband, seriously, to stand by me through all this s—. I’m sure a lot of guys would just throw in the f—ing towel.”


Baltierra, hugging her, said, “I don’t think those guys are true husbands. I’m not ever leaving, I’m not going anywhere. Don’t think like that.”

Photo credit: Instagram/Tyler Baltierra