Ryan Edwards Storms off Stage During 'Teen Mom OG' Reunion

Ryan Edwards isn't sticking around to hear what his ex Maci Bookout has to say, walking off the stage of the Teen Mom OG reunion before Bookout had a chance to present what she called "proof" that he is lying about his drug use.

Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney have been at odds with Ryan Edwards and his wife Mackenzie Standifer this entire season of the MTV series over the custody of Bookout and Edwards' 9-year-old son Bentley.

Edwards, who completed 21 days of a 30-day rehab for heroin and Xanax addiction after last season passing out behind the wheel of his car while on the way to his wedding, has claimed that Bookout has prevented him from seeing his son. Bookout, on the other hand, has maintained that her ex has refused to take a drug test to prove he's sober before taking the boy.

On the Teen Mom OG reunion part one Monday, Bookout confirmed that Edwards still hasn't given her a negative a drug test, which Edwards said was because he refused to take a hair follicle test he knew he would fail when he was fresh out of rehab.

When host Dr. Drew pressed him on taking the test at the time of the reunion, when he would presumably pass if he had remained sober as he claimed, Edwards said he couldn't explain why he hadn't done it yet.

"I guess I'm tired of texting someone who doesn't text back," he said after sputtering for a moment.

But when Dr. Drew told Edwards to prepare to confront Bookout and McKinney with this together on stage, Edwards refused, leaving the stage and refusing to return.

"I'm not going out there with her," he said. "Last time I had a conversation with her, I got mad, and I'm mad already."

When a producer questioned his choice further, he said, "She's full of it, man, and I'm not gonna deal with it."

Bookout, when told that her ex was refusing to film, asked what his problem was, to which a producer replied, "My guess is that he probably just doesn't want to be called out on the things you're going to challenge him on."

"Or the proof that I have that they're liars," Bookout countered.

While Edwards said earlier in the reunion that the text messages in which he agreed to take a drug test were lost on an old phone, Bookout claimed to have all of the messages between the two, proving that she had responded to his agreement.

"The reason everyone around him thinks that there's no response is because he deletes them," she told the producer.

Soon after filming the reunion, Edwards was arrested for violating the terms of his probation from a prior heroin arrest. Standifer, who is pregnant with their first child together, claims that he remains sober.

Bookout, meanwhile, was granted a temporary protective order after claiming Edwards was threatening her and her family.


Part two of the Teen Mom OG reunion airs on MTV Monday, April 23, at 9 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: MTV