'Duck Dynasty' Cast Member Missy Robertson on Gun Reform: 'I Pray for People's Hearts to Change'

Duck Dynasty's Missy Robertson weighed in on the fierce gun control debate taking place in America right now during a recent appearance on PEOPLE Now.

The reality star admitted that while she is a conservative and comes from a culture where guns are ubiquitous, she still feels that "people's hearts" need to change. Robertson said that, in her house, guns are lying around freely.

"Well, in the south, and in Louisiana, there's guns everywhere. It's just -- it's the norm, and it's not freaky to us, to even walk in and have them -- they're leaning up, literally, on Jason's side of the bed, in the corner of the room."

However, Robertson said that that doesn't mean they're careless about firearms. In fact, quite the opposite. She claims that they focus a lot of attention on safety in her home.

"They're there all the time, and so, we teach a lot about safety. It's not just something that's flippant."

Robertson said that, while guns can be a deadly weapon, it comes down to the heart of the person pulling the trigger to determine whether a heinous crime will be committed.

"Where our perspective comes from is, it's the heart of the person. That person, his heart is either good or bad, and they're going to follow their heart. And I pray for peoples' hearts to change, because if they don't they're going to find a way to hurt people. You know?"

Still, Robertson says that she doesn't believe it should necessarily be easy for any person to get a hold of such a destructive weapon.

"Those are easy means, and they can get to them. I do believe -- and I am a conservative, I know all this is very controversial -- but if it's easy for an 18-year-old to get that type of a gun, that's way too easy. You know? If they can't even drink legally until they're 21, they shouldn't be using that kind of a weapon at all."


The gun control debate has been on the forefront of the American psyche ever since the Feb. 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Former student Nikolas Cruz walked into the school with a legally purchased AR-15 assault rifle. He took 17 lives and put 14 others in the hospital.

Many of the survivors from Stoneman Douglas High have been speaking out about gun reform ever since the tragedy occurred. Their precise views differ. Some of the students want to see the assault weapons ban reinstated, while others simply want the purchasing age raised to 21 years old, as Robertson seems to want.