Khloe Kardashian on Brother Rob's Debilitating Weight: 'You Feel Trapped in Your Own Body'

Khloe Kardashian is still concerned about her younger brother's weight gain, and it looks like she'll be opening up about it on the upcoming season finale of her show Revenge Body.

Kardashian loves a balanced approach to health and fitness, and uses her platform to help others reach their goals. Revenge Body is one of the biggest vehicles for that. The show features participants who not only transform through intense workouts and diet plans, but by talking out their issues with food and body image with Kardashian herself.

On the season finale, which premieres on E! this Sunday, Kardashian will help Allison and Chad, a married couple with drastically different goals. While Chad is desperate to gain some weight for health and strength purposes, his wife, Allison is looking to lose a few pounds. She explained her struggle with self control to Kardashian, who likened it to her brother, Rob's predicament.

"I know how you feel. You feel, like, trapped in your own body. You know? And I feel that way for my brother who, you know, has gained a lot of weight. It's debilitating."

Rob Kardashian has struggled publicly with his weight over the years, particularly on the family reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. He was diagnosed with diabetes in 2015, and vowed to make a change. In 2016, he reportedly weighed 248 pounds. At six feet and one inch tall, Kardashian hoped to reach a weight closer to 200 pounds.

About a year after his diagnosis, Kardashian was hospitalized for a "flare-up" of his diabetes. He mostly stays out of the spotlight these days, unlike the rest of his famous family. Many speculate that this has something to do with his body image, as well as his disastrous relationship with Blac Chyna.

On the other end of the spectrum, Kardashian related Chad's struggle with being underweight to another of her siblings, Kendall Jenner.


"My sister, Kendall, when she was growing up, she was very skinny and she used to get bullied all the time for being too too skinny," Khloe recalled. "And I think body shaming of any kind is still bullying and not acceptable."

Revenge Body is wrapping up its second season with two more episodes than last year. The show is one of the most successful spin-offs from Keeping Up With the Kardashians.