Jenelle Evans' New Photo Causes Questions About Husband's Health

Jenelle Evans' photo of her husband David Eason and their daughter Ensley caused some controversy, but it also sparked an interesting health discussion.

The Teen Mom 2 cast member shared the below photo on Instagram of Eason and Ensley that shows skin discoloration on David's arms. Many fans were curious as to what caused Eason's condition.

(Photo: Instagram / @j_evans1219)

"Woah has David's arm always been like this?" one fan wrote. "I never noticed."

Another added, "What's wrong with David's skin? Was he burnt?"

Fellow fans replied to those comments by pointing out that Eason suffers from vitiligo, a condition where skin cells lose their pigment.

This is not the first time Eason's vitiligo has been brought up by fans.

In August 2017, Evans responded to a Teen Mom 2 viewer who was puzzled as to why Eason wore sunglasses so often. She responded by pointing out his condition and how Eason tries to cover it up at times.

"He's insecure sometimes because of his vitiligo," Evans wrote.

She also replied to fan who had a vitiligo story of her own. The fan's father had been turned away by barbers who thought the condition was contagious. Evans sympathized with her father's experience and hoped that vitiligo would soon be understood by more people.

"Vitiligo Awareness needs to be spread more!" Evans wrote. "It might look weird to some, but it's [definitely] not contagious. It's genetic."

Other comments on the photo led to discussion, but it was a much more heated one. Many onlookers criticized Evans for posting a photo that showed her infant daughter nude.

"So cute, be careful though, so many creeps in the world," one person warned.

Another fan added, "I think it's very inappropriate to post photos of your child like this...mother or father it doesn't matter there are creeps out there that get joy in seeing these photos..I'd just be more careful of this kind if thing!"