Jwoww Channels ‘Jersey Shore’ Party Vibes With Kiss From Male Dancer

Jennifer “Jwoww” Farley showed that she still remembers how to party while filming Jersey Shore: Family Reunion on Sunday, when she received a kiss from a male dancer.

Farley was out on Sunday afternoon with co-star Deena Cortese. Both of the reality stars are 31 years old. The two were at the Palace Bar in Miami, where the reboot season is being filmed. They had reportedly taken down quite a few mimosas, in typical Jersey Shore fashion. None of the other cast members were there, but the two of them got by just fine on their own.

Reporters snapped photos of Farley getting cozy with a shirtless male dancer. The former model and soon-to-be talk show host is married, though her husband, truck driver Roger Matthews, was nowhere to be seen. In fact, she and Matthews have two children and a sizable home together back in New Jersey, but it looked like that was the last thing on Farley’s mind in Miami.

The photos, published on DailyMail, show the unidentified dancer planting an intimate kiss on Farley’s cheek as she pulls his arm loser over her shoulder. Cortese is close at hand, though she seems to be distracted by dancers on the other side of the room.

A second photo shows JWoww loosening her grip and grinning in equal parts awe and horror at the kiss. She’s looking to Cortese, who still doesn’t seem to be paying attention to her old friend.

The dancer, for his part, looks a little chagrined. Perhaps he finally noticed that he’s holding onto a reality star and there are innumerable cameras on them.

The Jersey Shore cast was seen out in full force on Saturday, when they stepped out together for an afternoon in the city. Jwoww was looking a little more subdued, clad in a black and grey gym get up and a well-worn pair of white sneakers. The rest of the cast looked flashy in their typical GTL attire. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi wore huge black sunglasses and gladiator-style heels reaching almost up to her knees. Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio, now 37 years old, sported his signature gelled-up hairdo and a huge platinum chain.

The only absentee from the big outing was Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. Sorrentino pleaded guilty to a big tax fraud charge recently, but a judge granted him leave to film the Miami reboot of his show as long as he abstains from alcohol. This might be taking the fun out of it for Sorrentino, who didn’t appear in any of the group’s photos.