Amber Portwood's Ex Reportedly Caught Cheating on His New Wife

While Teen Mom OG cast member Amber Portwood and her boyfriend are preparing for their first child together, her married ex has been making moves of his own.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Matt Baier has been seeing a woman on the side, despite recently getting married to Las Vegas waitress Jennifer Conlon after a few weeks of dating.

The woman, who is named under the alias “Mimi,” revealed to the outlet that she and Matt met on Snapchat and sparked a romance.

“[…He] sent the message saying he was deleting his Snapchat, I asked him about it and he sent me his number and said to keep it private. We have texted almost every day since, and he even calls me every now and then,” she said.

When Baier got married to Conlon, Mimi said she found out through another source.

“There was about a 2-day span where he ‘disappeared’ on me, which was I found out was when he got married,” she revealed. “It has been confirmed to me from an editor at another gossip site/magazine that he is in fact married and that the number I have is really his number.”

Teen Mom fans will recall that one of Portwood's main reasons for ditching Baier was his alleged cheating. Thanks to a failed polygraph test, the reality TV cast member discovered Baier had been cheating on her and had likely engaged in multiple other affairs.

Mimi said she has yet to see Baier in person, and she doubted his planned trip to visit would ever happen.

“He is supposed to be leaving Vegas tomorrow to come see me, but I get the feeling he isn’t coming,” Mimi wrote. “I sent him money for travel (yes that was stupid, but I also thought if I funded the trip then he would actually come). I think he will either make some excuse not to leave tomorrow and use the money, or stop talking to me completely.”

Aside from love notes, Mimi said Baier sent her NSFW messages and photos, but they proved not the be real.

"He has sent me dirty photos, but I was told by someone who he used to talk to, that they aren’t his photos and in fact pictures of his friend Jeff, so when he gets caught he can deny it," she said.

“Matt tells me he is in love with me, and we are together, and he even wants to get married,” the alleged mistress added. “I guarantee when busted he will deny it.”

Fans can no longer follow Baier's moves on Teen Mom OG, but they can watch Portwood's new romance with baby daddy Andrew Glennon unfold.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.