Twitter Responds to Kieffer Delp's Arrest: They All 'Look Like They're on Meth'

It was recently reported that Teen Mom cast member Kieffer Delp was arrested on drug charges, to which Twitter has come out in full-force to respond to.

"I’ve never watched this show but all the ppl I’ve seen from it in the media look like they’re on meth" wrote one Twitter user.

Another person tagged the show's network and joked, "Yo [MTV] come get your boy!"

The actual charges against Delp state that he is suspected of running a meth lab in his basement apartment.

Other comments ranged from "somehow this doesn’t surprise me" to "I never liked that kiefer."

Many people on Twitter made the obvious connect between Delp and Walter White from Breaking Bad. White, played by Bryan Cranston, was a science teacher who initially turned to making meth as a way to help with medical expenses but eventually become something of a drug lord.

"Everybody think they Heisenberg," a Twitter user quppped.

Others seemed to not be shocked at Delp's arrest, as summed up by the person who wrote, "Raise your hand if you are terribly surprised and all of America sat on their hands."

Delp is an ex-boyfriend of Jenelle Evans, and appeared alongside her on episodes of Teen Mom 2 from 2011 to 2013.

Police in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania received reports of Delp's meth lab and investigated, ultimately discovering the set-up and removing the hazardous materials from the building.

“Obviously with all these chemicals together and during the process of making this, it could ultimately explode, which is why we evacuated the building while the product was being removed,” McKees Rocks Police Chief Richard Deliman told reporters.

Delp is facing felony charges related to the distribution and manufacturing of methamphetamines, as well as "improper disposal of chemicals." He was not able to post the $50,000 bail handed down to him, and therefore is being remanded to the Allegheny County Jail until a preliminary hearing, which is scheduled for January 23.

This isn't the first time Delp has been in trouble with authorities, as he reportedly has many past infractions which include once assaulting a woman and her boyfriend.