Drew Scott Strips Down to Boxers, Reveals Sculpted Body for 'DWTS'

Property Brothers entrepreneur Drew Scott is working the camera in a different way on Dancing With the Stars: sans shirt.

The reality contestant prepped for week two of competition on the ABC show by getting a spray tan with partner Emma Slater and other members of the show cast. Slater nicknamed Scott "Fantastic Tantastic" in a group shot on Instagram, which shows him posing only in a pair of black briefs.

Slater also shared a series of revealing video clips of her partner on Instagram story, echoing his new nickname and writing "Dreus the Zues" and "LOL." Jokes aside, Scott's chiseled abs and toned biceps are out in full force, earning him a perfect 10 in the muscles department.

And though Scott comes from an athletic background, he's transformed his body to look this ripped just over the last two months.

"In the last six weeks — because once I said I’m going to do it, I started eating a little better and doing more cardio and going in and stretching — I’ve lost 27 pounds already,” Scott told Us Weekly on Wednesday, September 6. "I was actually thinking, 'Should I try to do a little bit of dance lessons before?’ And I was just told to do cardio and stretching and it’s just shedding. I haven’t been this light in over 20 years.”

The 39-year-old explained that since joining with Slater (the reigning Mirror Ball champion), they have been rehearsing non-stop. "We literally are training on the bus,” Scott said, to which Slater added: "We have to utilize every single moment that we get.”

(Photo: Instagram / @theemmaslater)

After one week of competition, Scott and Slater, dubbed "Team Hot Property" scored third to last with 16 points.

On Monday, the pair will take on the quickstep and on Tuesday, Latin Night will have them dancing the rumba.

Scott and Slater were almost forced to sit out this week after video from Sunday's Latin rehearsal showed the Property Brothers realtor suffering a hamstring injury. "It felt like a knot popped in my hamstring," Scott says in the video. He continued on, saying that what he felt was more of a snap. "Right now, I can't bend my leg or put weight on it."

On Monday, Scott tweeted to fans ensuring them Team Hot Property would take the floor for the evening's competition. "Dealing w/an injury, but show must go on!" he wrote.