Woman Sends Death Threats To Father of Sandy Hook Victim

The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school happened four years ago in 2012. Many of the victim’s parents are still coping with the tragedy of losing their children and loved ones. One parent recently had to deal with even more hardship when a Florida woman started sending him death threats.

Lucy Richards is a 57-year-old Florida resident who truly believes that the Sandy Hook Massacre did not happen. She believes that the entire event was a hoax. This belief pushed her to start sending death threats to one of the fathers of one of the 20 victims of that terrible shooting, who just happened to live in southern Florida.

“You gonna die. Death is coming to you real soon,” one of the recorded threats said. Richards also wrote a note to the man, saying “Look behind you it is death.”

Richards was recently arrested and is facing four counts of transmitting threats. Her trail isn’t until December 9, but if she is convicted, each count has a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

After Richards arrest, the father of the Sandy Hook Victim released a statement thanking the local authorities for their work in apprehending Richards.

“We are comforted to know that they system is working to protect the victims of violent crime from re-victimization by potentially violent Hoaxers,” he said.


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[H/T Huffington Post]