When Does 'The Masked Singer' Season 3 Premiere?

The Masked Singer took the world of television by storm after its Jan. 2 2019 premiere and now it's already coming back for a much anticipated Season 3 return. After stars like T-Pain and Wayne Brady took home trophies after not only fooling the judges with their disguise, but being that good, among several other great talents, to earn bragging rights for life for coming in number one place. Fans can rest at ease knowing the now very popular FOX show will make its return Sunday, Feb. 3 immediately following the Super Bowl.

Fans are ecstatic over the news that they'll be able to play detective, yet again, in order to find out who's under what mask.

"I'm such a super fan and that's my birthday!!! What a great present [gift emoji]," one person commented regarding the exiting news.

Someone is already suggesting who they would like to see on the new season, writing, "Please have Eminem come and be a character. That is all."

The show caught everyone's attention when some of their favorite celebrities dressed up in elaborate costumes with disguised voices in competition with one another all competing for the number one spot. The first two seasons judges panel consisted of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger. Jeong has won fans over with his outrageous guesses as to who might be who, and has sort of become famous for claiming to know who each person is under the mask.

During Season 1, T-Pain won wearing a Monster outfit. He quickly became a fan-favorite with his background story of being shoved out of the music industry and telling fans that winning would help re-start his career again. Between his talents and adorable costume, he won it all. As for Season 2, Wayne Brady earned himself the winners title while he was disguised as the Fox. Fans and judges alike were back and forth on thinking it was either the comedian himself, or Jamie Foxx.

Following Season 1, those behind the scene ramped up security after the first season seemed a little too easy for fans to guess the celebrities competing.


"Security is going to be a lot more stringent in season two," executive producer, Craig Plestis, told The Hollywood Reporter. "For season one, we were not under the radar for a lot of people, and we still had a lot of security. So we're really going to have to be on top of our game for season two."

As for Season 3, fans can only imagine the security continuing to heighten as the show grows to more success.