WATCH: Kristen Stewart And Jimmy Fallon Play Jello-O Shot Twister

On Monday, July 11, actress Kristen Stewart joined Tonight show host Jimmy Fallon in a hilarious game of Jell-O shot Twister. After Fallon pulled out an iconic photo of Johnny Carson and Ava Gabor playing Twister, he then suggested the two should play a game of Twister to honor the 50th anniversary of the picture. The segment was a new drunken version of the classic game, and Stewart was totally up for the challenge.

The 26-year-old actress, who was rocking a new blond haircut, wasn't quite dressed appropriately for the game as she was only wearing a pair of small jean shorts and a loose crop top. She then wrapped her jacket around her waist in an attempt to cover up a little more, so Fallon decided to follow suit and tie his jacket around his waist.

"When you put your hand or foot down, you have to take that shot," Fallon explained to Stewart as they approached the giant multi-colored mat with Jell-O shots in each of the colored circles.

The spinner first landed on yellow, and the duo then placed their left hands on a yellow circle before downing the first shot. The Twilight star then exclaimed, "These are gargantuan shots!"

The game progressed and after downing shot after shot, Stewart complained, "Oh my God, I'm full. I am really full!" As the duo became increasingly tangled up, Fallon exclaimed, "I'm cramping, I'm cramping right now!"


Finally when Stewart and Fallon were required to put their right hand on red, Fallon tumbled down to the ground and Stewart was crowned the winner of the awesome game.

After watching how much fun Kristen Stewart and Jimmy Fallon were having, do you plan on playing Jell-O Twister with some of your friends?