Watch: Feasting Pride Of Lions Traps Family In Car

A family visiting Kruger National Park in South Africa witnessed a pride of lions devouring the carcass of an impala and the observation took a terrifying turn. Two lionesses began battling over the corpse, and in the process, the impala ended up under the family's car as the pride continued their meal.

WARNING: Video shows mother nature in all its violent, bloody glory.

The van Holdt family's experience began when they saw lions chasing down an impala and then they began to devour it, already ensuring a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As the lions got closer and closer, ending up right under the vehicle, Jade van Holdt can be heard pleading, "They are literally right here – underneath the car! Please get them away!"

Luckily, the lions quickly got their fill of antelope meat and trotted off to relax in the shade, allowing the vehicle to leave without any lions getting hurt.

Jade posted the video to the park's Facebook page, where it was received with much excitement from wildlife fans. Jade commented, "By this stage we were unable to move as the lions were literally up against the car with some of the cubs even under our car."


The ordeal was clearly very intimidating, having such powerful animals so close to their car, but it's great to see that the family made it out safely and that the lions were able to continue their natural behavior uninterrupted.

[H/T Daily Mail]