This Tucker Carlson Interview With Lauren Duca Goes Horribly South, Fast

Ivanka Trump was recently yelled at by a man on an airplane. Everyone from Twitter to the News started talking about the incident, including Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. Carlson actually did an entire segment on the incident. However, as Carlson tried to make mountains out of molehills, is interview was ridiculously awry.

Carlson invited journalist Lauren Duca to his show to discuss the Ivanka Trump plane incident, as well as a recent article that Duca wrote for Teen Vogue. Carlson started off the interview discussing how Duca’s recent Tweet said that it was okay for people to yell at Trump on an airplane.

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Right off the bat, it’s clear that the interview isn’t going to go as Carlson planned. When Duca starts to explain that she doesn’t believe that Trump should be yelled at on a plane, Carlson looks beyond confused. He wasn’t planning on her agreeing with him on that fact.

So, Carlson brings up her recent Tweet implying that it was directly related to the incident on the plane – which is wasn’t, as it didn’t even mention the plane, it just happened to have been Tweeted the same day it happened. So, when Duca pointed that out, Carlson quickly changed the subject and started talking over her.

Duca, however, wasn’t going to fall in line, or be quiet just because the host of the show was insistent on speaking over her, not allowing her to explain herself, or making broad assumptions about what she said. Duca defended herself and questioned Carlson about his thoughts, and even his intelligence on the subject at hand.

Needless to say, it was a live course in what not to do when interviewing someone. Don’t interrupt them. Don’t demean their job and previous work. Don’t call your interviewee a moron on television.

Watch the entire interview below.


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