The True Heroes Of Pokemon GO Have Evolved Gyrados From Magikarp

pokemon go magikarp garydos

When it comes to Pokemon GO, there's a select group of trainers who honestly deserve our love and respect. The group, though small, has set out to complete one task which most other trainers would simply balk at. Rather than search for legendaries or set lures, these guys have all decided to evolve Gyrados from Magikarp.

Seriously, what champs.

You might be wondering why the feat alone evolves these trainers into true heroes, and the reason all comes down to crazy amounts of candy. Magikarp, a famously useless pokemon who’s known for his floppy antics, requires 400 Magikarp Candy to evolve. That’s right - 400 pieces of candy. Honestly, the amount of Magikarps one would have to catch to acquire that many pieces is mind-boggling, but these dedicated MVPs are determined to level-up their creature into a fierce Gyrados.

So far, Magikarp stands as perhaps the most difficult pokemon to evolve because of its insane candy requirement. However, that doesn’t mean the task is impossible. Several players have already reached their dreams and have caught the breathless moment in which their Magikarp evolved on video. I mean, could any moment ever be as beautiful as that?


For trainers still struggling to evolve their fishy friends, there’s still hope. A budding community of trainers has grown on Twitter where players have started to discuss the challenges - and inevitable rewards - of feeding their Magikarps untold amounts of candy. You can check out some of the best posts below!

To all of you trainers stubborn enough to do what we thought was impossible, we now commend you. Your hilariously persistent efforts are recognized by the Pokemon community at large, and gamers are looking forward to battling your ridiculously over-powered water dragons in the, well, pretty-distance future.