The Rock Confirms Return For Fast & Furious 8, Gives His Take On Hobbs Spinoff

Yesterday, Warner Brothers hosted a press conference for San Andreas, the film where Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will play a heroic first responder making amends with his family.

Of course, Johnson is known for several of his blockbuster action films - one of those being the Fast & Furious franchise. Having appeared in the previous three installments but playing a much smaller part in the latest, fans of the adrenaline pumping franchise are wondering if Johnson's Luke Hobbs character will be returning for the eighth installment, which Vin Diesel recently confirmed at CinemaCon.

During the conference, Johnson addressed the possibility of a Hobbs spinoff for Fast & Furious. "We all are interested in it," Johnson said. “I just had a big conversation with the studio, so we’ll see. I still think for me personally, we create a little bit of space from seven and gauge what the audience will want and go from there. That’s my take on it. Now a lot of other people have their own say."

After the San Andreas press conference, Johnson was asked directly by NerdReport whether he'll be returning. "Of course," Johnson said, adding, "Can't go on without Hobbs."

There you have it. Not only will The Rock return for the eighth edition of Fast & Furious, but there's also the possibility his Hobbs character becomes a franchise itself. Is Hobbs the franchise character Johnson has been waiting for? To date, he has never played the same character more than three times, but Luke Hobbs may be his best known role yet.

Do you want to see a Hobbs spinoff movie in the Fast & Furious universe? After all, he is the cavalry.

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