Tarek And Christina El Moussa Thought Their Marital Problems Were 'Nobody's Business' During Separation, Source Says

A source close to Flip or Flip's Tarek and Christina has spoken out as to why they didn't go public with their breakup considering they separated back in May of this year.

Apparently the HGTV stars kept their marital problems a secret because "quite frankly, it was nobody's business at the time."

Tarek, 35, and Christina, 33, announced this week that they separated ways after seven years of marriage.

They split after an incident at their home in California that caused the police to respond to the Orange County residence. Law enforcements officials received a "call of a possibly suicidal male with a gun," according to TMZ.

Even though they are experiencing marital issues, Tarek and Christina plan to continue shooting their wildly popular HGTV series.

Tarek and Christina issued this statement about working together professionally: "We will continue to work through this process civilly and cooperatively, and plan to continue our professional life together."

While it may sound like an entirely uncomfortable situation, the source close to the couple explained that they would be able to film the series as usual.

“It’s very normal for them. They are still working together so it’s business as usual,” the source said of the couple. “The only difference is that now their split is public. They’ve been doing this for months, so it’s nothing new.”

The insider also mentioned that Tarek and Christina aren't the type to broadcast their marriage and personal problems.

“They aren’t Hollywood in the spotlight kind of people. They pretty much do their show and whatever else they have to do for it and that’s it.”

The source continued by saying: “So once the incident happened, the last thing on their mind was ‘what are we going to tell the world?’ They were separated and going through counseling and trying to figure out what to do with their marriage.”

The network released this statement regarding the future of the show:

"We admire and appreciate Tarek and Christina’s great work on Flip or Flop. When it comes to matters related to their own family, we respect their privacy and honor any decision that works best for them and their children. HGTV is currently airing episodes of Flip or Flop and the series will continue production as scheduled."

On Monday, Tarek and Christina delivered a joint statement about their separation.

“Like many couples, we have had challenges in our marriage,” the couple said. “We had an unfortunate misunderstanding about six months ago and the police were called to our house in an abundance of caution. There was no violence and no charges were filed.”

Interestingly, Tarek and Christina were recently seen on a coffee date this week, and things were totally awkward. Learn more here.

What are your thoughts on these latest details about Flip or Flop's Tarek and Christina?

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