Step Up Actress Who Vanished On Christmas Day Has Been Found Dead

Step Up actress Tricia McCauley has been found dead. The 46-year-old yoga instructor disappeared on Christmas Day in Washington DC, according to Daily Mail.

Law enforcement officials confirmed that McCauley, who was Jenna Dewan Tatum's stand-in for the 2006 dance movie Step Up, was found dead in her car on Tuesday morning.

On Sunday, McCauley was expected to be at Christmas dinner at a friend's house in the Northwest area of the capital. However, she never showed up.

The following morning, McCauley missed her flight out of Ronald Reagan National Airport.

McCauley's brother, Brian, was the first to share the heartbreaking news that Tricia had been found dead.

Brian wrote on Facebook: "Tricia is gone, they have found her body. Thank you all for your work, support and love. To all of her DC family, I know she truly thought of you that way, thank you for being there for her all these years. Hang on to each other."

When Tricia's body was found, there was evidence of trauma. The police have taken a suspect into custody in connection with the murder.

The man, whose name has not yet been released, was first taken in as a person of interest when Tricia vanished.

Law enforcement officials are of the belief that the man assaulted the employees at a CVS, and proceeded to rob the store.

The suspect's name is going to be released in the afternoon on Tuesday.

The man was reportedly driving McCauley's vehicle, a white Scion with DC plates FC0274, after she was reported missing.

McCauley's brother, Brian, wrote on Facebook: "Police have been insider her apartment, all seems fine there. They have photos to put out bulletins online. Friends have traced her route to [Christmas dinner]. Police have gained access to her credit/debit card and found activity today, but no other details."

Other than her role in Step Up, McCauley also made appearances in 2012 short film Never Dream: The Beginning, and 2000 drama Paper Girl.

She was also a member of a DC-based theater group called the Washington Stage Guild.

McCauley was clearly a very multi-talented woman with a good sense of humor. On her résumé, she listed miscellaneous skills including: "teleprompter, voice-over, quick dialect study, basic tap dance, cartwheels, acroyoga, calligraphy, gardening, lotion and lip balm making, tree monkey noise," and "can move either eyebrow independently."

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tricia McCauley's family in this difficult time.


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