Someone Made A Holiday Twerking Turkey

If this won't get you into the holiday spirit then nothing will!

A video has surfaced on the Internet of a "Twurkey," a twerking turkey, and it is equals parts hilarious and bizarre. This humorously strange clip has been spreading online like wildfire as people are perplexed yet amused while watching this animated turkey twerking to the music.

The one-minute video is set to Missy Elliott's classic hip-hop jam "Work It." The animated turkey hops up on the kitchen table and proceeds to rock out with weird thrusting moves that are supposed to resemble the popluar dancing fad.

The video was shared on World Star Hip-Hop, and has received over 58k views on the site.

As you might imagine, the comments section on the video was blowing up after people checked out the "Twurkey."

World Star Hip-Hop user Beauty wrote, "Smh someone has way to (sic) time on their hands."

"I'll never eat another turkey again they f***ed that all up for me," another user wrote.

Check out the twerking turkey video above.

What were your thoughts about watching this "Twurkey" video?

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[H/T World Star Hip-Hop]


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