Seth MacFarlane Explains Why Hollywood Hates Donald Trump

Actor and comedian Seth MacFarlane has taken to social media to offer his opinion on why so many people in Hollywood have such a strong reaction to President-elect Donald Trump.

The Family Guy creator posted a note on Twitter to explain that the billionaire real estate tycoon has a personality all too similar to the types of people that Hollywood celebrities encounter on a daily basis, in his opinion.

MacFarlane shared this note with his 11.5 million Twitter followers that read: "Wanna know why Hollywood folks hate Trump? We live and work amongst his kind every day out here. His tactics are those employed by the shiftiest of agents, lawyers, and publicists. We've learned to recognize the blustery showmanship of a lying con man because we encounter it every day in our business. We've learned to smell it, because it's bitten so many of us in the ass. Most of us love America a hell of a lot, and we don't want America to be conned the way many of us have ourselves. Trump is not of the People. Trump is of Hollywood. And that's the problem."

Since sharing the note on Twitter, the post has gone on to receive more than 4k retweets, and 11k favorites.

MacFarlane is one of the many celebrities that have been outspoken in their criticism of the former Apprentice star winning the presidency.

As you might imagine, many Trump supporters responded to MacFarlane's note.

Twitter user @GPeters442 tweeted at MacFarlane, "@SethMacFarlane No its actually because most of you #Hollywood scumbags live in a f***ing bubble behind fancy gates and believe ur own press."

MacFarlane replied, "Pretty big generalization there. My parents were teachers. I made my own money at every step. Trump's daddy handed him his. Big difference."

Another Twitter user with the handle @Patcracks tweeted at MacFarlane: "Hollywood hates him because Above the line is going to have to make it better for below the line, greedy hollywood is OVER."

What is your reaction to Seth MacFarlane's commentary on Donald Trump?


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[H/T Twitter: Seth MacFarlane]