San Francisco Airport Hires Therapy Pig For Flyers

If you’re feeling particularly stressed about your upcoming holiday travels, then there is a surprise waiting for you at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). This airport, like many others, offers therapy dogs to greet stressed flyers. However, SFO is the first to offer a therapy pig.

LiLou is the very first non-dog member of the SFO Wag Brigade. She is an adorable and very friendly pig that is happy to greet any and everyone that comes her way while traveling. She even has her own Instagram page for those who are flying but aren’t making their way through SFO.

Though many airports have official therapy dogs, all of which are certified, trained, and available to help ease stress and anxiety for flyers before they hop aboard a flight, SFO is the very first to have a pig. LiLou is the only pig to be certified in the Animal Assisted therapy Program at the San Francisco SPCA.

What does it mean to be certified? It means that the animal must be comfortable with anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, mobility, size, and apparel, approaching and handling them. Pretty much, it means that they animal must want all of the pets, from all of the people, all of the time.

LiLou certainly falls into that category. She is ready to accept all of the affection from any flyer she meets in her airport. Best of all, she sometimes wears an adorable tutu and pilot’s hat, so she is prepared for any amount of selfies.


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[H/T Fox 5]